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Fusion-ha! Animation help requested

Guest totalimmersionskyrim

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Guest totalimmersionskyrim

After a long while of feeling very anti-climactic with Amorous Adventures PG-edition I figured I'd give the lab version a try. After reading through your forums I figured I'd post about my issue.


Issue: When deciding that it's a good time to boogy down, the female character gets "stuck" "inside" my male character. Nips and hair stick out, and no animations play.


Before we get all hot and bothered: Yes I followed the instructions for both mods (SSL and Adventures) as well as run the FNIS update properly

Yes they are both at the bottom of my load order and Yes I installed SSL in game


If anyone knows a fix, you're cool. If not happy modding to the rest of you.

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Is Sexlab installed and working?


Go to MCM and find Sexlab on the list. Make sure you have full menus about animations etc. If on the first page there is an link for installing (can't remember exactly what it says), click that and then exit MCM.


Wait for it to finish installing.

Go back in to Sexlab in MCM and find the link to register animations.


Otherwise my answer is Run FNIS as an admin and post the output.....


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