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Curious How To Copy Body Parts To Another Body In Nifskope


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Hey everyone!


I was just curious as to how you would properly transfer body parts from one body to another body in Nifskope. I've tried it and it didn't quite work, so if you could either help me via suggestions or by links to a tutorial, I would greatly appreciate. =-)




When you say body parts, do you mean armor or literally body parts? :D


Please explain in more detail what you're trying to accomplish.

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Do you have any experience with Nifskope or Caliente's Outfit Studio?


It can be a little complicated to do depending on how much modding skill you have.


If you're searching for info, you can Google "Skyrim combining meshes" and there's plenty to find there. Essentially you need to combine one mesh onto another and there are difficulties associated with that, as you found out. Most can be solved easily enough. Outfit Studio is a good way to combine meshes too and is visually easier to align meshes.


One final question, are you trying to mod a follower or is this going to be general to all NPC's?

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