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Brynjolf doesn't talk to me


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I've talked to Maul, I bought Brynjolf's elixer, but he doesn't initiate the conversation to start "A Chance Arrangement." He just offers the dialogue of buying the elixir, or "No, I don't need anything."

I'm lvl 14 by now. Did I miss any hidden triggers? How can I get the quest underway? (Preferably by getting Sexlab Solutions offering the sex.)


Thanks in advance!

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Some mods may prevent this quest to start. Also if you visited Thief quid before this quest and "changed your face" may result with the same issue.


Solution to some people was to disable the "Sjel Blad Castle" mod if had installed. Use console command "setstage TG02 10" to start the Loud and Clear quest before he got there and that gave me the marker to follow Brynjolf.

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