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Crash fix ENBoost 6.0 by Boris Vorontsov


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I just found this mod on Nexus. I think it can be very useful for all ENBoost users, old version users and new ones who needs more game stability.




First of all, previous ENBoost for Skyrim with detailed description of [MEMORY] category is here:
ENBoost is a patch for memory limitations of the game, some optimizations and other fixes.
In new version 6.0 I've added [THREADS] category to enblocal.ini configuration file to apply
fixes to multithreading code, which is one of the most buggy thing of game engine. Because
I don't have sources, the cost of these changes is performance and stuttering, which in their
turn depends from CPU, OS and some other software installed (overlays, screen captures, etc).

Tested and developed on 22 Gb mods pack with various environment and body texture/models
modifications, including SKSE plugins. Loading saved games created with it have 40% chance
to get random crash on load in the tested place and 100% chance of crash in another two. With
new ENBoost these places loaded fine 20 times in a row and I used preset, which is published
here. But because of different rigs and "density" of mods and their CPU usage, implemented
several modes with different level of stability, some of them probably not much playable, but
may help to load game and resave it again in less stressful place for the engine and scripts.

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Note to all, if you already have enblocal.ini file in your skyrim folder. 


The only think you need to do to install this "fix" is to add the following to your enblocal.ini file:





I think you also need the latest ENB binary for this to work:





ENBSeries 0.303 or NEWER binaries (older do not have memory patches), donwload

it from http://enbdev.com



At this point very few presets are using ENB 0.3+ so simply changing your enblocal.ini in your existing ENB setup won't work for everyone.

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