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Problem with Bodyslide Conversions/Mod Organizer


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I got the following problem: Many of the bodyslide conversions do not show up in the bodyslide menu when creating a new body.


Some of them work and some simply dont show up. Any ideas what the reason could be?


If you need any further information plz let me know!


TY in advance!

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I'm kinda new at bodyslide conversions so I'm probably not gonna be much help, because I've no idea what I'm talking about. But this is just generally what I do.


Open Bodyslide & Outfits Studio > Select an Outfit/Body > Select a Preset (unless I want to start from scratch)> Make sure Filter Groups are correct > Make sure Racemneu Morphs is ticked if I'm using RaceMenu>  Batch Build > Build


Then I close out of Bodyslide & Outfits studio, scroll all the way down to the bottom to the Overwrites & then create mod, and then name the mod either "CBBE, UNP (etc.) Bodyslide - (Whatever else to name it)", then I make sure it's ticked on and it should be working.


I don't know if that's what you're asking for conversions, I might be just thinking of something else. But I always just assumed that using Build or Batch Build simply overwrites the nif files that are already there? Because what I understand is that making a mod out of the overwrites after using the studio, builds the meshes & you just have to make a mod out of them & tick it on. It's been working for me at least, because it creates its own mesh mod folder so I don't know if that's what you're after or if you're expecting the meshes & such to be inside the Bodyslide folder.


So if it is supposed to go into the Bodyslide & Outfits studio mod folder, then I've been doing something wrong and probably in the same boat as you are. So I'll check back later in case anybody more knowledgeable can let us know.

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I do not create them on my own - I simply do not have the necessary creativity attributes. ;-) So I copy the conversions of others...

I installed them via MO and then I ran BS via MO. Some of the conversions show up in BS and I can apply my bodyslide presets.

The others are just installed and are accessable ingame, but the presets do not apply for them.

My source for the conversions are the 3 topics about bodyslide conversions - so they should be working.

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