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constant ctd near diamond city


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current load order: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/193991922/aaa.txt


so just recently i have been having quite a big problem where i cannot go anywhere near diamond city without my game instantly crashing. i started new save after i had had quite a pause and tough i could try again to see where i go this time. as seen from my load order i dont really have many game changing mods so im pretty surprised how bad situation is.




any area about 400 meters or closer to diamond city will crash my game in +/- 5 seconds. if i try to coc inside or outside of diamond city i crash within 2 seconds, any other area in game i have only experienced 1 crash (which i assume was only some random problem due to it not repeating in same area twice)


could this be related to a recent patch by bethesda? i heard many people had problems with it, but none of them seemed like what im having. and i would like to repeat again that this doesnt seem to be related to missing master files due to any area not near diamond city being totally fine.


Edit: i just tried on completely new save (went through pre-war section and all) and it still crashes when i go to diamond city. few seconds after i get there im back to desktop

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Guest Mogie56

if you installed the latest update I've been reading that it is causing a lot of problems with any mods that change anything dealing with settlements or workshop. I just had to re-install and revert to the older 1.2 update. seems every update they release does a number on Mods. I couldn't get out of Vault 111 on a current Character nor go anywhere near Sanctuary with older saves.


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all right i found the source of the problem. ANYONE who is having ctd near diamond city try this:




1. uninstall all your mods (just uninstall on nmm dont delete them)


2. go to your fallout 4 data folder and delete textures folder.


3. reinstall all your mods.




it seems that some mods might have some bad files left in textures folder which is source of this problem.


if possible add this answer high up on common fixes or something so others dont need to look up answer for hours like i had to

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