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Saved game keeps messing up.


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Here are mods Im using just encase it is that.


* [sex lab] Sexualied True Wolves of Skyrim for MNC  (On)


*A Classier BB Luxury Suite V 5-2 Full 2k Res (off)


* Alt start  (on)


* Amorous Adventures (On)


*Animated_Prosition Patch ( off)


* Apachi sky hair 1.6 full, femail 1.5, male 1.2 (on)


Bathing Beauties Luxury suite (off)


Bathing in Skyrim (off)


Beastess Lair v 4.0 (on)


Becareful (on)


Beingfemale 2.5 (off)


Beastiality animation pack (on)  


Better Vamptiers 7.1 (off)


BrawlBugs (oon


capture dreams  v3.84 (on)


Climates of Tamirel (on)


Skyrim HD (On)


Creatures Framework 1.0.1 (on)


Dagger Craft Package (on)


Death Alt (on)


Devious Cidhna 1.71 (on)


DD Asset (on)


DD Expantion (on)


DD Integration 2.9.2 (on)


Deviously Helpless (on)


Dibella Sisterhood BBL 02 (off)


Expanded Snow System Cot (on)


EyesNiFix 1.1 On 


Falskaar  1.2 , Climate of Tamirel patch, wildlife, world map clouds (All on)


Fnis Behavior  (on)


Fnis Creature pack (on) 


fnis sexy move (on)


forerunner 414 SLal FunnyBizpack v11.8


Fuz Ro Doh (On )


HDT High Heel Beta 0.5 (on)


Grass and grounds fixes


Hdt Physics Extentions v 14.28


Heroine Deistress Alpha


Horny Dogsof Skyrim (off)


Human Animation (on)


HV skin Suite (off)


Islandfasttravel v1.2 (on)


Jcontainers (on)


Kshairfinal (on)


Level list plugin (Tera armor) (off)


Nighty Basts Werewolf (on)


More Nasty Critters 9.0 (on)


Netlmmerse override v 3.4.4 (on)


Ningheim addon (on)


Non Stetching (on)


Non Sexlab Animation Pack V 2.8.2 (off)


Orsinium Main (orc land ) (off)


Payrus Util v32 (off


Race compatibility with fixes (on)


Race Menu v 3.4.5


Realistic Radolls and force (on)


Runic eyes for Nngheim Race compatibility patch (on)


Runic eyes (on)


Running backwards speed fix (on)


 Sluts (on)


SD cages (off)


SD Plus addons (off)


SD plus (off)


Seductive lips HD (on)


Sexlab -Sexual Fame (off)


Sex lab Defeat v5.2.2 (off)


Sexlab Nude creature (on)


Sexlab Aroused, Framework, Beastess (all on)


Show Race Menu (on)


simple slavery (on)


Sky UI (on)


Slaverun Reloaded (off)


Slave tats (on)


SLDialogues  (on)


Slider compiler (on)


Sos Shlongs of skyrim (on)


Supreme Storms of Climates of Tamirel (on)


Tattoo Pack CN (on) (might turn it off, all it is doing is making [] symbol in slave tats menu)


Tera armor (on)


Ningheim Race and scripts update (on)


Unofficial Skyrim legendary  edition patch on


UNP Base skinny body (on)


UNPB Body NMM Bain Installer (off)


UNNP Heel Angle (on)


VHH walk (off)


Vivid lanscapes all in one (off)


Wymstooth 1.16


Prison Overhaul  V033 fix on


XP32 Maximum Skeleton and Extended one (on)


Zazanimation pack v 0650 and patch v0607 (on)


ZazHDTWorkshop (off)



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How much time is "I play for a little"? Sounds like a script problem to me cause you're using a lot of script-heavy mods.

It Varies, Sometimes 15 min and some times 45 min. I also Could just make the game and have to log out and log back in and it be messed up. The biggest time it freezes is being enslaved by pirates. I think it is a animation problem, because It freezes during sex scene or right after it says what position the sex scene is going to be. Why it won't let me load a previous save, I don't know.

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