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Weird Eyelash/eye graphical bug


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Hey guys, I've started modding Skyrim again and wanted to get in to it. Now, I don't have any face mods apart from pretty lips, and the only body mod I use is CBBE (If that matters at all, I don't know!) but after tinkering with her face with the sliders and some of the sculpting, her eyelashes went a bit odd, or it might be her eyes, I'm not sure. Yet, sometimes it's not overly obvious if at all, but when I want to take screenshots it's glaringly obvious, so it kinda hinders me at the moment. She also has these glossy/raw looking lines under her eyelids that are quite annoying that I would really like to fix, but I'm not sure how. Any help would be tremendously appreciated. The two pics are below, if they help at all.




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These glossy under eyes causes a strong specular map ( _s)


Is that a specular map from the fair skin wet version? Looks similar. You can open this texture via gimp/photosohp and manualy remove *white* parts around the eyes in order to remove that gloss effect. Or by raising specular settings via enb but it will only make them look more "wet" and it won't remove them.


About eyelashes, they look okay to me. Try maybe do a full-frontal pic , and side.

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