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Glorious Mission - Japan Self-Defense Forces(JSDF) two Armor

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meshes and textures ported : bax1182
Original Mesh Edit by me(erase face,etc by Maya)
(im just delete the useless part of original meshes using autodesk maya, make esp file.)


Another "Glorious Mission Online" armor. this one is Japan Self-Defense Forces(JSDF) guys armor.
Ordinary JGSDF Infantry and JMSDF MIT(Maritime Interception Team. japanese word : "goueikantsuki tachiirikensatai / 護衛艦付き立入検査隊, ごえいかんづきたちいりけんさたい"). somekind of makeshift sailor guys(so hardly call them as special forces. just watch the Fortune Guard 2014 video in youtube.) .
they appears in Senkaku Island Co-op, and yes. as enemys.


In original game, MIT is Very low rank unit and JGSDF guys(original model is Clone Trooper with Hideki Tojo Face.) are veteran units. and they trying AMPHOPS like rangers in WW2 Omaha beach.


anyway, like NRA Uniforms mod, Armorsmith Extended Version and just normal version. support ballistic weave, male and female version, 1st person view.


fixed for Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) 1.71 and Armorsmith Extended 2.75, and JSGDF Helmet problem.


How to use : console command "help sdf 4" and type the "Armo" id.

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    Armorsmith Extended(Optional), CBBE(female version, maybe)


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