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Fallout 4 AMD Environment Meshe Fix Mod Needed


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After reviewing a video Nvidia,stop being a DICK Link  and this Link  and Gopher Link This lead me to believe something could be done about the performance hit.


An to be blunt i mean someone i wish me but i dont know how to do it.Someone needs to get together an reduce the pixels added to objects.I saw one video where a person was looking at a computer.An got a massive frame rate drop.Then looked away an it was normal.Which tells me from the first video i linked.Nvidia Gameworks added 5 to 7000 pixels to a in game table or computer or even an ashtray.


           Just to reduce performances for PC users specifically AMD users.It is using the same engine as skyrim.The Textures are not 1K or even 2K textures.They are 512 an look blotchy.Some 128 others 256.That is not the issue.Everyone is saying lower this lower that.Yeah that does work.However.If you remove the Polygons involved you dont need to do that.I would say.The same for Skyrim when i go to Riften i get a performance hit when I look at the well.I am pretty sure it is like 7000 polygons in one spot causing it.


           Lowering settings does not fix the issue.Modding it away will.By removing the number of Polygons  in one Meshe you can greatly increase performance.This i what i am requesting of you,the modders.So i am making a request for modders to get together an quickly fix the Fallout 4 issue.Thank you for your time.

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Let me tackle this in order of how wrong you are.

A.) "Pixels" in models - models are compromised of verticies, edges, and planes. pixel is what your monitor is using to render the image you're seeing right now. You cannot remove "Pixels" from a model.


B.) What you're apparently confused about is NVIDIA GameWorks. GameWorks is used for AO, presumably TAA, and HairWorks in Fallout 4. Tessellation and dynamic model quality increase are not related to NVIDIA GameWorks - they are DirectX technologies, and not significantly present in Fallout 4 (despite the material files for objects specifying the option.) While GameWorks affects the internal rendering process, the AMD "bottleneck and sabotage scheme" is completely a farce - as a Graphics company, NVIDIA has never bothered to actively compete with AMD. This is visible with their prices that refuse to budge, self-concerned release dates rather than competitive ones, and expansion into other consumer product lines rather than just GPUs. Not to mention, many GameWorks inequalities between NVIDIA and AMD are patched frequently, and are considered a priority by NVIDIA and game developers.

Skyrim on the other hand doesn't even use  NVIDIA GameWorks, and is on DX9, and is reputable for being more of a CPU intensive game than a GPU one, due to its optimization for the prior console generation and their CPU > GPU standard. I'm sorry to tell you, but you just have a trash card. As for making lowpoly versions of all the models (this is really worthless to most people, since AA, AO, resolution etc. have a much higher bearing on performance when considering reasonable polycounts, such as in Bethesda games where super highpoly models are a rarity.) doing so in Fallout 4 is unlikely to happen - modeling with Fallout 4 is in its infancy to begin with, with artistic-minded authors (CBBE, R91, Spears) using it and not technically minded ones (SMIM, Realistic Teeth, etc.) as of yet. I can say with utmost certainty the Fallout 4 ashtrays do not infact contain 7,000 vertices. Check and see if you have Tessellation on in your AMD Catalyst settings - I don't use AMD but I know it has the function.

Edit: I'm sure somewhere in the configuration files, you can disable Hairworks, and I know you can turn off AO and TAA regularly. Do that and you'll have effectively removed NVIDIA GameWorks from your game. But I swear up down and sideways, the performance gains are going to be related to the intensity of the effects, not the infrastructure they're made for.

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.A) Sorry i meant Polygons.I was tired.From hours of doing work.Thanks for just saying "You mean Polygons."No you didn't just say it that way.Thanks for that.

. B ) No i am not wrong about that.Watching the video explains it so i do not have to.No.They are not DirectX related.Yes Nvidia Gameworks is related to this.Yes God rays is related to polygons added to strain a PC.So you are wrong on that as well.No.it is not a farce.You are wrong on that as well.Anyone doing a google on Nvidia Gameworks games list can see every game they tampered with.An every one of them hinder the performance of AMD graphics cards.Link Nvidia has on many accounts sabotage AMD.So you are wrong on that.

         I don't care about Prices.I care about facts.These facts you are posting are unrelated.I have a GTX 560 So i know.But i`m using me R9 390 right now on my FX 9370.So please do not hand me info i know already.I didn't say Skyrim used Nvidia Gameworks.I was making a point.Stay with me here.Dont care about the console information.The fact is it is on PC an madders can fix it.Stay focused please.A trash card.LOL! Wow.OK here is one thing you never do.Never mock another persons computer.This is mine.By all means point out the flaw with my computer. Link This is before i upgraded. Link

        An on my 120GB i have Windows 10 an on the 240GB i have Windows 7 Ult.Both running 64x.

I want to point out.You are not Most people.An the problem does exist so it needs to be fix.An Bethesda aren't going to do it.If you do not respect the request. then Geeee OUT!OK this is environment talk not body models.You may have stumbled in to a boy modding post.This post is about something different.

     The ashtray is a speculation not fact sir.An if you dont use AMD.Why in the frigging hell are you here?An as i said.Turning off functions should not be needed as i posted at the very beginning.I made it clear fixing the objects meshes was the key.The polygon count can be lowers an increase performance.Yes you included SMIM which deals with body and objects adjustments.But that person is not available.So it has to be posted somewhere where someone with skill can help address the issue.Guess where it needed to be pos OOHH YES! HERE!Shoo.Go away.

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It's a known fact that NV's business practices are quite dubious.
"Communication issues" with regards to GTX 970 (ROPs, 2nd level cache and 3,5 GB fast + 0,5GB turtle-RAM)
Insanely high tesselation on hair(witcher 3) just to make the competitor looks bad (even on water(don't remember the game) - funny thing is that the visual result was as good as not noticeable and with regards to hair - even their own 7xx series suffered from that, but they just reacted after many complains in their discussion forum).
Gameworks is also one of those suspicious things - it's sealed as a closed oyster and it's conspicuous that in general games with gameworks perform not really good with AMD GPUs

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GameWorks was designed by NVIDIA, so it having superior performance on their hardware is not suspicious... Same reason AMD GPUs play better with AMD CPUs than a NVIDIA card does. Technology built for each other play better together. And GameWorks is being updated frequently enough to try and smooth performance and optimization over for everyone.

And yes, my personal rig is NVIDIA, but I don't recommend NVIDIA to people because it can be very pricey. I built my brother's rig too, and I used an AMD card for his machine. Runs the game fine at Ultra, 60 FPS, with ENB/ReShade.

Also @Spell, synthetic/artificial specifications are a standard in the industry. Self-proclaimed 8-core processors are actually 4 physical cores with 2 logical cores each, for example, on both Intel and AMD's sides. Not at all shocking.

BUT Back on track. No, everyone isn't the same as I am, but there are also trends and patterns in a community. Optimization of meshes hasn't been a large concern (read: I browse around for mods constantly, and I haven't run into them for most recent games) since Oblivion, with the automated python mesh optimizer and its reduced polygon mesh mods on the Nexus. Like I said, if you vehemently believe NVIDIA is tessellating the game you can feel free to rummage through the heap of INI files, because as you said, "this is PC," and thus you can modify your game however you wish.

I took a look at some of the highest polygon terminals in the game, and with all their components they sit in at a nice 6,800 verts/7,080 tris, and looking at the wireframe for it the reasoning is completely understandable. It's a smooth mesh, but optimized. Without the geometry it has available to it, it would lose its shape and cease to look like a next-gen asset and would look instead like an older game's asset. Here:


As you can see, a very large portion of the topology is concentrated on the terminal's screen and such area -- because the player is seeing that up close. This is intelligently distributed geometry, and the mesh looks identical ingame - going higher poly than that on the screen areas would be wasteful, and Bethesda knows that. There is no GameWorks-added tessellation (beyond the fact a terminal is not hair or water, so it couldn't have it added to begin with using GameWorks.) 392 tris of that mesh are the screen portion, equally distributed geometry in a rectangle shape that the UI draws onto when the player uses a terminal. So the geometry is going to use, and used well for that matter. I can't see any modder (of whom usually have stronger than average hardware, if they work with 3D, due to the requirements of the new games' 3D work calling for 3DS Max) going out of their way to reduce the polycount and destroy the topology flow of the mesh.

Open most meshes with NifSkope, and you'll see the trend quickly enough. Objects have intelligent distribution of polygons and are well made. Removing polygons from them not only destroys the mesh itself on a detail level, but given the way many of the meshes are already optimized (highly triangulated, asymmetrical models) it would also destroy the UV mapping, and require countless hours of work to get even a measly handful of models reconstructed properly.

And a larger majority of textures are 2K in Fallout 4, by the way - especially for architecture, landscape and objects of moderate size the player interacts with. They're just rather muddy textures.

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You Still did not watch the videos i linked.Watch the videos. I have no interest in the world of AMD vs Intel.I have videos on my channel on that subject an I already own an Nvidia card.An even then performance lags on that because of something other than Shadows.It is not object placement.It is because of Tessellation on objects and environment.Like in Fallout 4 Godrays.


Which anyone can mod to give better performance.Guess what?This is a request to mod just that!So people can get Godrays with no performance hit.Yes we know about the Tweaker as well.It shuts down things an you can set them lower.Yes.We know.The thing is.Fixing the problem in the first place is the request.God rays can be fixed so it does not give a performance hit.No need to shut it off.Same with objects.They can be fixed so they do not cause a performance loss.That is the point of the post.


          Look.If i change my InI to something different.Will it reduce how many Tessellations are made of a meshe? No! I wont.The meshe is the problem.Someone just came in an just added more Polygones to them an laughed all awhile doing that.So it needs to be fixed. OK 1. you are saying Asking for help in pointless because the community does body meshes not environment.OK that's not a reason to ask.So don't try to stop me. 2.You are saying altering Meshes will destroy them.That's why you need a modder to create new ones and disable older one that were broken.Same Texture different Meshe.



             I wont even say what i think of your opinion from that. 3.Textures will be replaced eventually with something that does not look so blurry by Texture modders.This is not something they would normally handle.This is a subject of Meshe Makers.So Textures don't matter.An I am not just asking for people to do this here.I am asking Everywhere.For intelligent modders to do this.If you are not modding.You clearly do not know whats going on.Primarily because you didn't watch the videos.So please leave an stop trolling the post.



It's a known fact that NV's business practices are quite dubious.
"Communication issues" with regards to GTX 970 (ROPs, 2nd level cache and 3,5 GB fast + 0,5GB turtle-RAM)
Insanely high tesselation on hair(witcher 3) just to make the competitor looks bad (even on water(don't remember the game) - funny thing is that the visual result was as good as not noticeable and with regards to hair - even their own 7xx series suffered from that, but they just reacted after many complains in their discussion forum).
Gameworks is also one of those suspicious things - it's sealed as a closed oyster and it's conspicuous that in general games with gameworks perform not really good with AMD GPUs


That is very true.So some help over the year addressing this is apparent.There are issues that need to be addressed.An lets hope good modders with free time can come fix them.

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