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Major Project: Designing a New Game


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I want to reach out to all of our fantastic modders here on LL. 

I have envisioned a world in my mind, and a (loose) story to go along with this world. 

I have began downloading the Unreal Engine, and I'm going to play around with it. 


What I'm looking for are experienced modders, who are interested and willing to help design a game from the ground up. One that may, or may not, become a success... but it will be started here on LL, with all of the love, care, and precision that we all put into our work here. 

The world (and all of it's assets) are in my head, and they have been for a long time. Ever since my first boyfriend conned me into playing Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D go!) with him 18 years ago. 

If this is something that you would be interested in, modders, please get in touch with me, either via this thread or in a PM. :)

PS: Yes, I'm planning on having nudity and player controlled sex in the game ;) But primarily it's a fantasy RPG! (Most likely ... *gasp* ... turn based!)

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Well, I'm currently learning quite a bit myself. Let me get a starting point built (at least an hour of gameplay without dialogue) and I'll get back to you. A friend and I are working on writing a script together, so when it comes time to program in dialogue, and choices, I'll get in touch :)

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