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Hello everyone.
I would like to ask:
I was playing on oblivion when I go out I saved the game.
I got back in the game but the save there.
so I went out I went to see it in the folder "My Games" and there is the save as never sees him

plz answer because there are mods that I can not find so I would not start from scratch ...


(The game starts with the obse)






:( :( :( :( :( :( :(



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did you save your game before going out by overwriting  your last save  ???


did you select your save with holding the ' shift ' key    ==  delete   instead of save    ???


1)before I got was fine then exit I saved and later when I came back there was neither the most nor the save.rapid save.automatic.


2)no never done "shift"


and the savegame is present in the c:\Document\MyGames



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