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For a while I've been having issues related to customized NPCs in Fallout NV (and Skyrim, since the GECK/CK seems the same to me). What I am trying to do is either impossible or much more likely not being queried by me the correct way. Many modders make fine looking characters who I would like to copy for my own player character, however through the GECK/CK FNVedit it never seems to work correctly likely due to my inexperience with modtools.


Long and short - New Vegas Redesigned (2), which some may be familiar with, changes a favorite npc of mine for the better, and I'd like to be able to copy that facedata for my player, through a preset or some other means. Using the usual no-nonsense methods in the GECK have not worked, and creating a new race and copying face geometry in FNVedit also don't work. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong or have any advice?


*Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, seemed the best fit.


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Guest endgameaddiction



1. Create a new race. Name it what ever you want.

2. In the race window go to text tab and name what ever the race you want it to be. This is where you will see the race type in FaceGen in game when selecting a preset.

3. go to NPC and create the dummy NPC. Give it what ever EditorID you want and make sure to tick "is CharGen Face Preset" in the Traits tab.

4. In the Face tab (use right arrow to get to it) make sure to click Reset Face (not necessary but I always do this).

5. Once done save your work and close GECK.


Note: Make sure you figure out the race of the NPC and use that to create the one for your custom race.




1. Open your custom race and New Vegas Redesign 2 in FNVEdit.

2. Expand the tree of both but for now focus on NVR2.

3. Open the NPC tree and look for the NPC you want the face for.

4. After you've found the NPC, on the right panel scroll down to where it shows FaceGen Data;

                  FGGS - FaceGen Geometry Symmetric

                  FGGA - FaceGen Geometry-Asymmetric

                  FGTS - FaceGen Texture Symmetric


5. Copy each line onto your presets. Not in the race tree. You need to do it in the NPC tree of your preset.

6. Once you've copied and pasted all 3 lines for each (they should show in bold when it's been edited), for you mod on the left panel under where it says File Header, make sure to set the file header to ESM so that it flags the esp as a esm. This is to avoid the mismatch head body skin tone.

7. From here you can go back to GECK and make what ever changes you want in the race window for your preset if you wish to give her custom body mesh/textures and what not.


Note: If you already set the meshes and textures to the preset via GECK in race window and it's not showing textures, open the meshes for your custom preset and apply the textures through Nifskope. Though, it should work just setting the directories for the meshes and textures via GECK.

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Ah, finally got the face to work, it's a little off-putting in showracemenu as it shows the face without the added textures. One last thing will be the skin tone, any easy sort of way to match it through GECK/FNVedit?


Either way many thanks, a few small errors were ruining everything.

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Guest endgameaddiction

I don't recommend doing it in GECK because it's based off FaceGen Modellor where you will end up morphing the face to a specific race depending the skin tone. i.e. sliding it down to darker tone will try to morph it more to an African appearance and sliding it the opposite will morph the face to be more Asian. Depending the face you've created. But it will change the values of the face from what it was originally.


After you've got the face you want and you want to do some edits like skin tone. Do it like this...


1. Start Fallout New Vegas and open CharGen (showracemenu or some mod that lets you go into CharGen like Rebirth mod)

2. Adjust the skin tone to what ever you want. In this case to match the same appearance as the NPC from NVR2.

3. Once you are finished, create a hard save or an autosave. Which ever. Just remember the time you created it.

4. Download FaceGen Save Face Ripper for FNVEdit.

5. Click -open save- and find the save you created of that character. When you find the save click open and it will load the hex values (face values).

6. Copy each line the same way you would from my previous post onto your character in FNVEdit. From top to bottom.

7. Once done close it to prompt save progress and save the changes.



Note: The reason why it's better to do it in game is because changing the skin tone will not make any changes to the values of the face (morph the face).

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Neat, everything appears to be working except the eyebrows, which are light for some reason. I did select the same thing that the npc had in my preset, "EyebrowF" in headpart add on, and it does change in the GECK but not in-game. Other than that it matches pretty well, but I always forget the weird face angle and lifelessness that the player character has which somehow makes it different and less appealing than the npc in their worldspace.

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