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Questions about Windows10 DX12 multi-GPU support


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I got the benefits of using split instead of alternative screen rendering in multiple GPU config, and possible memory pooling.  What I haven't read anywhere is combining feature sets of different GPU.



I think there are hacks available but I would like to know if they come out-of-box with Windows10:


  • Using either AMD/Nvidia GPU's physics processing unit automatically.  Hopefully this means no more stupid TressFX vs. HairWorks debates and we will finally move toward an industry standard.


  • Can I have Intel's Quicksync alongside discrete GPU without needing LucidLogix? 
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Out-of-box the short answer is NO!


  • Technically it's possible and it's actually very simple with DX12 to make 2 different GPUs from different companies to work together, but Nvidia doesn't allow using there GPU to work side by side with GPU of another company. It doesn't matter if it's DX11 or DX12.


  • Again, technically it's possible if it's software enabled, meaning the game developer via DX12 will give you the possibility to use all the GPUs you have on board.
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