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Archive Invalidation: MO

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So, for some reason it seems the Automatic ArchiveInvalidation isn't working with MO 1.3.6 for NV. My texture packs aren't loading (Such as the female body textures). Skin looks exactly the same with, or without, the mod ticked.

Is there a way to manually activate it via MO? I've read that using outside programse like "archive invalidation invalidated" won't work with MO. 

What's the best way to get it working if it won't? (never encountered this problem before with other games :/ )

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Guest endgameaddiction

The old manual or auto installer for AII won't work because the tweaks are being done to the ini file in documents/mygames/.... but all you have to do is copy the ini file from that path and paste/overwrite the one in MO/profiles/...


Simple way is just using FOMM to activate AII for you and do what I mentioned above. Or you can try this (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/52402/?) and see if it works. I've asked the author and he pointed me out a way, but I haven't tested it yet so I don't know.

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