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OCO and Neckseam

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Ok. I've read a bunch of posts on fixing neck seams in Oblivion. It all makes sense, I've tried it all. 

Thanks to OCO, though, none of it is having any effect. I'm reading on the mod authors page that it uses different textures, meshes, and normal maps. Could this be what's causing neck seams? 

I'm using Mod Organizer, and I've placed High Rez HGEC textures so that they overwrite the ones that come with OCO (or so MO is saying, which it should be, then... ) But with the mod ticked, or not ticked, there is no change. 

I've opened CS and looked at the pathing. Changed the pathing to where High Rez HGEC textures come from. Saved, and replaced the .esp. Still no change. 

Where in the hell is OCO pulling it's textures and normal maps from!?



EDIT: I found it. There's a Nuska folder for Nords, which is what I'm rolling for my Crusader :3 silly me. 

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