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Getting back into fallout. Any Joburg/Defeat - Like mods?


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So I'm coming back to fallout after a long hiatus. And i Have to wonder:


Are there any mods that enable NPCs to seek out sex/rape other NPCs (besides the player companions)? I know Brutal Rapers (I think that was its name?) did it once, but I don't think it does anymore. 

I miss going to the Legion camp and watching the dogs/soldiers randomly rape all the NCR captures running around.

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Brutal Rapers won´t work with the new sexout versions.  Other mods so far only target the player and his companions . 

Other npcs can only be the target of the player(or he/she can order his companions to do so). So far as i know sexout doesn´t have working plugins for npc on npc sex right now.

One of the reasons for not using that function was that leaving a cell/area with an active sex animation could bug the participating npcs.

Don´t know if this is still valid for current sexout ng.

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