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kind of game i would really like to see


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so as i have played many types of games and i have had many ideas of what i like in them and what i would like changed so on so on i figured i could possibly come up with some mash up with sort of things i like in games


so as main bones im using both TES games and game called C9 (or continent of ninth seal) i LOVE TES games but i find their combat while its fun and definitely more realistic than that found in C9 i find C9 being much more my style in combat style. for those who are not aware of what the heck C9 is its free to play mmorpg style game where all fighting takes place in sort of pocket dimensions or how you want to call them. you group up or go alone (some stages require max party to enter tough) but the action is just so much fun. its VERY fast based and on your way to boss or mini boss in those stages there is A TON of minion that are just fun to slay in hundreds. seeing your combos stack up is just beyond satisfying (my personal record was 79 combo) 


so taking combat from C9. combining it to open world style you find in TES games. thats the first thing.


then we move up.


magic normally does not always appear to be done well. specially in vanilla skyrim i find mage being one of most dull routes many mods fix it. i definitely would want to have skyrim style limits on spells and power attacks rather than cooldowns. so adding spells for both off hand and while another weapon is in use would be great.


third part is what i would add from animation series yes its not game but it has great example of what i would like to have. in RWBY you can see very active 3 dimensional combat like truly 3 dimensional. not just simple jumps but giant leaps would be possible. all sort of spinning etc would allow for very intersting combos and it would be great to take down flying enemies in their own element.


4th part is small but adding up to last one grappling hook style of tool allowing swings and pulls. this tool would have to be equipped to use and you dont always have it if you feel like not but it would be allowing you to not only travel more quickly but also allow you to pull more light weight enemies close.


5th possible mounts that actually are usefull in combat. creativity would be good. allowing you to tame and ride some of the wild beasts and even use them in combat would be sweet


6th world should not be as detailed as it is in TES and allow little bit more space for random generation. i would imagine making major areas fixed but allowing them to have different space between after some "safe zone" and also allowing most of the dungeons to be random.


7th A LOT of loot. imagine kind of same way as diablo. i love getting those tiny numbers just a little better when i find new cool items. they are not forced to be uniques always but allowing like enchantments for certain number of weapons.


8th weapons not just sword and bow style. spears, chain weapons, chakrams, steam guns, throwing weapons again adding something new. these again dont need to have a ton of unique desings but something to give you choice in what you really want to use


9th player housing. not so much for immersion but something you can place your trophies on. kind of like interactive stats menu. imagine having statues of big bosses you took down on your dining hall and your bedroom walls covered with priceless weapons you collected on your travels.


10th and final one game world that tells you you are doing something. skyrim yeah it kind of had it oblivion too but i would like that npc realize who you are and why you are known. it does not need to be big maybe they would start to give you space when they realize you walk towards them guards saying hi to you on gates etc




and now to really point out this is literally just fantasy for me about game i would really like to see. will anything like this ever come out? most likely not. but i just wanted to throw out my toughs. what do you think? and also what would be dream game for you?

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