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Better Sleeping Arrangements -- Riverwood Trader

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Basically, I was tired of not being able to sleep with Camilla Valerius in her bed after marrying her, so I spent a couple hours in the Creation Kit and made this quick little fix. Nothing has been removed; just replaced, moved, and added a few things. It always felt to me that Camilla just didn't fit in very well with all the common Nordic village surroundings, so I spruced her room up a bit with some finer furniture to appeal to her womanly charms, and kicked her brother out, down behind the counter. Poor Lucan can never seem to catch a break, can he?


There is a bug with this that I cannot quite figure out: if you've already spent some time in the Riverwood Trader (and married Camilla), then there will be some weird compatibility issues with the changes made by this plugin and the vanilla game. Best used with a new save game because it will not work properly with an existing save. I made it for myself, and thought I'd share it with you guys. Enjoy!


I was inspired by TTS - Camilla Valerius by hulebjoern to make this for myself, so you might wanna give her a try.






If you don't use NMM or MO, just download manually, extract the archive with whatever unzipping tool you use (7zip, WinRar, etc.) and copy the enclosed Data folder to your main Skyrim directory (where TESV.exe is located), overwrite the folder, then make sure you activate the mod in the Data Files of your Skyrim Launcher.




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Better Sleeping Arrangements -- Riverwood Trader

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The idea and design seem nice. I'll put this on the list for my next install, thanks... Camilla always deserved a little love.


Also it would probably be nicer to Lucan if you let him sleep upstairs unless you ask him to move. :)

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