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xreCarsEspTweek (FONV )


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I really like the xre cars mod but I found some the cars are really slow especially up hills , on rough roads ,and used alot of fuel so I modified a few scrips on all the cars ,(cept the recon truck-maybe)  and trucks giving them a moderate amount of extra acceleration  and climbing ability, and less fuel consumption.Sees to work at least with the flat bed and t model ford i tested. The faster cars are untest .Hell i almost got up the mojave outpost in a model t ford on rough roads.!




So go download the awesome mod xre cars  0.86 on nexus ,install, and then overwrite with my esp , and perhaps get better roads .Safe driving now


15th May




Just changed the esp a little  include all cars  I think :) Basically the cars have about 40 per cent more grunt :)


Regular Truck + recon truck


Also the regular truck r I use http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1002-xre-cars-rock-crusher-jeep-by-rez/) and recon truck a gave a little more power. You can cruise around in the regular truck at about 25-30 k/ph even on rough roads (max speed 40kmh)and they have enough climbing ability to get up to the mojave outpost .I was think of changing the regular truck to a 2 passenger plus driver, would anyone be interested?


Carnivore Special


Has alot of grunt now got up to 60km/hr across the flats near rex car shop - hard to control though :)



25th may




Made the fuel tanks on most models bigger , slightly more power .For example regular truck can cruise along at 20 -25 mph on many roads.






Tweeked it yourself (examples)






script modified








set XRocketCarSetupHandler.CarVelocityForwardLimit to 50            ;  max speed

set XRocketCarSetupHandler.CarDriveForce to  24            ; power forwards (NOT reversing!)
set  XRocketCarSetupHandler.ClimbForceMod to   3                ; [0--3] climbing ablity higher-better
set XRocketCarSetupHandler.CarBaseHealth to 1000   ; how much damage bf your car blows up 
XRocketCarSetupHandler.CarFuelConsumption to 1.2 ;higher the more fuel you use
set XRocketCarSetupHandler.CarBaseFuel to  100  ; can u guess what this does?


Note the authors comments as he/she has suggested max/min on the values.






Issues I have noticed


importing cars - save bf you pick them up


refueling - I found that going to the console and refueling/repairing works much better if you don't watch the animations , which fonv doesnt seem to like.


because the esp changes some scripts like hps, fuel tanks size etc probably best to do a clean save and install . Alternatively service at rex fuel / service stations seems to fix.





just a few tweeks to my favorite cars eg recon , regular truck,flat bed,Tford

  to give them  slightly more power .Might do one more update to increase braking power and /or reverse But I think i have give  enough ideas on what scrips to modify.





XRE - CARS!.esp

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