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If you want only the TMC files:

DOWNLOAD: https://mega.co.nz/#!REInWKIA!0sxfbpPvW7GrVRgK95TaartwQrFd4kR3iRjwukl5bAg




This DLC PACK includes:
- Christie (1 costume)
- Helena (2 costumes)
- Hitomi (4 costumes)
- Honoka (2 costumes
- Kasumi (3 costumes)
- Kokoro (3 costumes)
- Leifang (2 costumes)
- Lisa (2 costumes)
- Marie (1 costume)
- Mila (2 costumes)
- Momiji (1 costume)
- Nyotengu (1 costume)
- Pai (1 costume)
- Phase4 (1 costume)
- Rachel (1 costume)
- Tina (4 costumes)

+ Hair types (Kasumi, Kokoro, Lisa, Marie, Phase 4, Rachel, Tina)

1. Put the folder called 9698 into DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round/Dlc
2. Copy this into steam_api.ini

DLC0XX=0000009698 or DLC0XX=9698 (Where xx is the number of DLC in the steam_api.ini)

- The costumes are in the end of the list of each character (dressless icon)
- Because the amount of costumes, dont confirm compatibility with other DLC's.


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No, it's not compatable with at least more swimsuits. Had to do some finagaling, but it is compatable with a couple of these mods.. If you are able to use DLC tool, you can repack some of the swimsuits so that it doesn't crash with Kasumi, Leifang, Hitomi and Pai, who were the gals it crashed for with me.


On another note .... this is a really good collection. Well done!

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Guest C3S4RFC

It would be great if these were compatible with more swimsuits but I think i like this even more. Do you plan on converting more outfits?

I dont think so. The other outfits dont have separate skirt for extract.

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Guest C3S4RFC

how do you fix kasumi idol costume's hex?(KASUMI_DLCU_039.TMC)


was comparing the original.


HEX CODE 20 20 20 20 in WGT_BODY.


how did you find this? let me know how.

20 20 is the last serie of numbers in the group (after this, come only zeros). If you reemplace 20 20 in other series of number, part of model are hidden. 




Check the tutorial



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Try this :)


I tried this way ... it seems to work (alt. costumes appear in the list) but when i choose one for kokoro game crash.


How many slot every character have for dlc?



I have this problem too, crashes when I select Nyotengu, but I also have a lot of costumes for her including the Wingless pack. I have to remove the folder if I select her.


Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for this DLC. Skirtless Police Ayane might be the hottest thing I've ever seen.. damn..





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