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Creating / Editing Animobjects for Sexytime animations.


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In the " "What mod is this?" VI" thread a question was asked about an animation with a toy. (by Amox iirc...)







The animation is from [ http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1488-non-sexlab-animation-pack/ ]



This is a relatively quick "how to" on how to get the animobject (AO) like above.



First install NSAP

Then read the "NSAPAnimObjectsGuide.pdf"


To replace AO is a simple matter of copypasta if you have the AO you want.


If you dont... then you going to have to make/edit your own.


Now... the simplest way I've found is to use nifskope and copy the mesh over the existing AO.

(I'm going to assume here that you have some idea on how to use nifskope)


For this I've used

Meshes\AnimObjects\NSAP\dildoanimobject01.nif - SoulGem

Meshes\AnimObjects\NSAP\dildoanimobject02.nif - Tusk


-Go to or create the dir above with the AO in it.

-Open dildoanimobject01.nif in nifskope.

-Click on the souldgem and drop down "NiTriShape" on the left and you'll see "NiTriShapeData", remember for later.


-Now open desired replacement in nifskope.

-Click the part you want drop down "NiTriShape" on the left and select the node "NiTriShapeData"

-Right click "NiTriShapeData" go Block -> Copy


-Go back to dildoanimobject01.nif

-Right click on "NiTriShapeData" go Block -> Paste Over


You should now see the the shape changed.

The size and orientation might be out but this can be changed.

Go- Right click on newly pasted object -> Transform -> Edit

-Adjust as needed (Test, change, test change trial and error)


Now you might have noticed that this new AO is the right shape and size but it looks like a SoulGem.

To change the texture.


-Open AO in niffskope

-Click on mesh, expand "NiTriShape" then "BSLightingShaderProperty"

-Select "BSShaderTextureSet" and at the bottom expand "Textures"

-Click the purple thingy to add to desired textures.

-Clear out the ones not needed.


Oh dont forget to save your changes.




Unable to get it working?

No clue how to nifwhatever?


Don't worry... I've linked my edited dildoanimobject01.nif & dildoanimobject02.nif meshes.


For these you'll need sextoys by calyps installed.

Then copy into or over.

Meshes\AnimObjects\NSAP\dildoanimobject01.nif - Still has Soulgem texture for lolz

Meshes\AnimObjects\NSAP\dildoanimobject02.nif - Orginal Textture




If someone is able to find that mesh in the screenshots that would be awesome.


BTW I'm no pro modder... there probably is a better way to do this but this is one I found out by dicking around.

If you know of a better way, please share.








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