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Stories from Skyrim Intro/ Ch. 1: Badala the Unlocky Soul


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Hey eveyone! To make a long story short, I like to RP heavily with my nymphomanics characters, making up my own stories and such. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), when you combine immersion mods with Alternate Start, playing on an adept/expert/master diffuculty, and playing with permadeath, they tend not to last long. Honestly, the permadeath thing keeps it interesting because I tend to get sentimentally tied to my nymphomanics characters so I get really into these stories.


Anyhoo, I also need to brush up on my writing/typing skills, so I decided to start taking screenshots of my playthroughs and posting them with summaries for you guys to read/provide input/fap to at your leisure.


So here's the sitch: for every nymphomanic character, I'll post a new thread with a short bio at the top and update it with new posts about the character's adventures. I'll try to include something sexy in each new post to keep the perverts among you (aka all of you) satisfied, but I won't be able to garuntee anything. Character traits will be generated with die rolls, so things will truley be random.


So here's our template:




Sex: Male or female only, sorry! 50% chance of each

Race: Equal chance per race


Start: Which AS scenario they rolled

Class: Will be lore friendly, i.e. based on that race's skillset and the start they got

Profession: Not everyone in Skyrim is an adventurer! I'll put together a list of professions (e.g. mercenary/hunter/miner/whore) based on the start they received and roll for one of them

Personality:  This is where it gets fun! And it will be different for males and females, and percentages are based on most starts. A Dark Brotherhood member will have a might higher chance of rolling Serial Killer, for instance.


  • Honorable (10% chance)- character won't steal or kill innocents if they can help it. Rape is out of the question
  • Normal (40%)- Generally won't steal or kill/rob innocents, but only if they have a half-way decent reason and definitely won't get caught. Will probably "teach" a few female bandits the error of their ways, given the chance ;) .
  • Opportunistic (35%)- Similar to normal, but isn't above preying on lone travelers they cone across on the road.
  • Necrophile (5%)- Do I need to explain this?
  • Serial Killer (5%)- Will kill random targets in settlements, as well as anyone unlucky enough to meet them on the road (I use the Adventurers and Travelers mod, so they'll likely rack up a huge body count). Will have a second roll with a 15% chance of geting necrophile as well
  • Serial rapist (male only, 5%)- Same as above, but... you know.
  • Zoophile (female only, 5%)

This will be followed by a pic of them at their start.


Anyway, here's our first protagonist:



Name: Badala, the Unlucky Soul

Sex: Female

Race: Dunmer

Start: Left for dead.

Class: Spellcloak

Profession: None

Personality:  Opportunist


Pic (NSFW!):





The first part of her story will be posted later tonight.

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So! Our heroine Badala was on her way from the Imperial City to Windhelm. An employee of the East Empire Trading Company, she was sent bring a trade agreement to the Jarl. Thanks to her connections, she was able to secure a carriage (albeit a cheap, unguarded one) for her journey.


Unfortunately, as they traveled through Whiterun Hold, they were attacked by a giant and the unarmed travelers were slaughtered. Badala, however, survived; waking up not long after to find that the giant had stolen all of her possessions, clothing included.






She rummaged through the remains of the carriage, but the goods the carriage was carrying were in a locked chest, and she had neither key not pick. She did find a few moldy potatoes, and while the thought of eating them disgusted her, she was well aware that bad food was better than no food and took them with her all the same.






Unfortunately the giant was still around, so she couldn't stay and wait for rescue...






Lacking a map, she picked a random direction and started walking. She had barely been on the road a minute when she came upon a very disagreeable redguard who spoke to her for all of ten second before drawing his blade and attacking.


Badala wasn't a fighter, but like all Dunmer, she knew a bit of fire magic and didn't intend to go down easy.






To her great surprise, she was able to defeat the fiend!






...Only to find out that his friends were close by. Before she could even don the vanquished's armor (or regenerate her mana), they proceeded to murder the shit out of her without even having the courtesy to fuck her first.






And so ends the story of Badala, which was disturbingly short, even by my standards.


Next will be the story of the Wood Elf woman, Indret. Hopefully her story will be less... brief.

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