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[idea] Sexlab Arousal Transformation.


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Hi. I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to modding but I was wondering if it was possible for some handsome modder to create a mod that transforms the PC into a werewolf, werebear, or vampire (or succubus from this amazing site)  when their arousal level peaked high enough. Of course Sexlab Aroused and all its requirements would be needed with maybe an on/ off switch with an MCM menu.


This is just an idea. In fact only the base of an idea. I really hope someone will come along and run with it.


If this is in the wrong section I apologize. Also, if this already exist and my dream is already reality I apologize for this waste of internet and please point me in the right direction.


I thank you fair citizens of LL.


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I would LOVE this idea!


I know nothing about actually modding, myself -- but I assume it would be relatively complicated.  Most transformations only occur on command (by actually using a power).  The one example I can think of where the transformation is conditional, well...  The condition is random (or else unstated).


It would probably be a lot easier if that condition could be defined - from there you could replace the condition with one of your own.

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