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Music that should be in skyrim.


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So I'm having a crack at a personalized soundtrack for Skyrim and would love to hear others opinions on songs/music that should of been in Skyrim but for obvious reason couldn't be.

I could run around with The Prodigy -'smack my bitch up' banging through my headphones but I'm afraid I'm attempting something more lore friendly. (Its f***ing awesome while playing D3 tho, trust me)


At the moment I'm leaning very heavy on Celtic Irish/Scottish stuff.


Here are a few that are too good not to put in IMO.




The Gael - Last of the Mohicans theme




Kuldahar - Icewind Dale




A Gift of a Thistle - Braveheart




Wardruna - Helvegen




Unleash the Albannach - Albannach






Various - She moved through the fair.  Vocals are probably bad for soundtrack purposes but its too beautiful not to stick it in




Globus - Preliator 











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