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pipboy readius ctd


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hello everybody,


I'm having ctd due to the mod that makes your pipboy look like a pda ( pipboy readius)

it was working fine, but i installed an mod to change my crosshair and since then the game stops responding at start up ...


when i play without the mod, my pipboy 3000 doesn't show up,

so I use the command to spawn a new one and equip it.


i tried removing the mod, adding standard pipboy, installing mod = still game not responding at start up

uninstalling FO3 = still not working


but nothing works...


did i miss a magical step ?


thanks in advance

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I don't understand what is going on but for which fallout? 3 or v? And what is the name of the crosshair mod?


If you want help you need to provide the proper information.


My guess is that you did not bother to read the Readius read me and the simple installation instructions that you have to follow to remove Readius properly. So that solves the reason why your pipboy didn't show up. As for the other things I have no clue what you have done. If you have uninstalled fo3 properly then there is no reason why things should not be working now. So that tells me you didn't unistall and reinstall your game correctly.


Are you using fomm? If so uninstall every mod from there first. Then uninstall any other utility mods like 4gb patch and wrye flash. Now uninstall fo3. Then go into your documents folder and find the my games folder an CUT  it and just drop it on your desktop for now. Leave it there as a backup of your saved games.


Go get CCleaner and install this and run the file cleaner. Also run the registry cleaner. Say yes to the backup of your registry and just save it in your documents folder.


Now reinstall fo3 and my advice is to stay away from that crosshair mod since you didn't bother to tell us the name I am assuming that that is the problem because the Readius mod is an amazing mod and has been around forever. When you reinstall your game start a new vanilla character and save the game as soon as it allows you to. The game will create a new folder. Then just go to your desktop and go into the folder and copy the esm file (save game file) and paste it in the NEW save game folder that the game made.


Always read the "READ ME" that comes with any mod so you learn how to install and uninstall it. Many mods require that you make ini changes or have other dependencies so it is for your benefit to take the 5 mins and read it in the future.



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thanks for the reply and sorry for the lack of information.


this is for Fallout 3.


links to mod downloaded:









from the pitt Gal optional downloads


and yes i did read instructions, that's how I knew to add the pipboy again ^^



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