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Kvatch Rebuilt Incompatible?


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So I am about to start a new game in oblivion, was double checking the compatibility list and came across this.



Posted 10 May 2013 - 03:19 AM

Kvatch Rebuilt + Lovers Bitch (Original version) And this may just be personal experience:


I posted at the lab over a year ago that my high lvl toon could not enter the Lover's Bitch Oblvion Gate outside Kvatch. If I made a new character, they could walk straight in like they were going home. Mid-level toons could only enter if I stripped them naked first.


Having made a clean install of Oblivion + Lovers without Kvatch Rebuilt - ALL of my toons can now enter the LB Oblivion Gate. I can't say whether this is because of the clean install or the new version of Lover's Bitch, though. I am pretty sure that Kvatch Rebuilt contributed to a boat load of problems in my last install, though.


Conflicting Lover's programs: Lovers True Crime EX and Payer Slave Encounters - and POSSIBLY Pay Bandit. I just cannot get True Crime or Pay Bandit to work properly when Player Slave is activated. A shame, as I consider all of them to be essential mods.


Edit: Fajeena has fixed the Lover's Bitch problem with the new Lover's Bitch Gone Wild, and Gabrieal made a patch for Pay Bandit and Player Slave. These conflicts now appear to be resolved. 


After searching through the rest of the topic there is not any further mention of Kvatch Rebuilt. So has anyone played through Oblivion with this and Lovers Bitch activated? And if so anything I should know/do before I begin. 


As this is a mod I was very interested in playing through, though my love of the lovers programs, sort of overrides it.

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