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My first mod!


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I created a character mod for Skyrim that allows you to play as a beautiful young woman from an obscure SyFy channel reality show from 5 years ago named Heather.


After seeing her on that show, I instantly fell in love with her.


One day I decided, wouldn't it be nice if I could play as her in a video game?


Oh, and I can also undress her completely naked if I want to.


222790390800365.jpg d8b3e4390800368.jpg ff9f62390800371.jpg 0101b3390800375.jpg 769a38390800377.jpg a1f5c0390800381.jpg 481a2c390800383.jpg da0815390800385.jpg 822b7b390800388.jpg 2daefe390800389.jpg

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I'm liking the tattoos. That neck seam is horrible though, you should look for a retexture mod to make the seam less noticeable. 


I noticed that the racemenu mod and skse appears to change and dramatically enhance the geometry of the head meshes of all characters.


There is a color disparity where the neck meets the body.


I can't help this.

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