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Dragons swallowing you whole...?


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That's it... i wish there would be a mod for dragon animation where it devours you or NPC's instead just bite and shake.


Also a mod for mammoths, giants, chaurus.... would be nice.

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Here's the main thread for the devourment mod:

There's a mod for Devourment over at Eka's Portal to involve creatures. It's made by Sheights.



In order to manage compatibility with the mod, as I only play male characters, I had to install a male addon for Devourment (You do not need this mod if you do not plan on playing a male character. This is entirely optional):
Devourment 5.2.1 MF Edition by Daniel092004


It took me a lot of time playing with a few settings to get the dragons to actually swallow you. It works best if you install a mod that adds a passive dragon to the game. The following is a list of a few instructions on how to get them to swallow you. It took a bit of playing with, but once you get it down, it'll work great.


Use the following command to shrink your character. This is required for the dragon to devour you properly:

player.setscale 0.25


Spawn the passive dragon by searching for its ID:
help dragon

Type the following in the console and look for a value with a 57 within it. I've found that this works the best out of all of them:
help swallow


When you have that value, use it in the following command after you have clicked on and selected the dragon that you intend on getting eaten by:
cast <value> player voice

Here's a case dependent step if you have Death Alternative installed:

Devourment has a few problems with mods like Death Alternative. It causes the player to react to death in a different way than devourment intends. In order for the mod to function correctly, you're going to have to disable it withing the MCM menu. (You can always re-enable it later, if you wish)

Devourment can have a very short digestion time. I'd say bump that up in the MCM menu, though I've still run into a complication with that as the dragon got rid of me within 5 seconds. If you do encounter any problems, this next command should help:

set 00MinDigestionTime to 1000 (you can adjust it however you like)


^----Please note on this one that I'm not entirely sure if that's the correct value, but it should be. If not, type: help digestion and scroll through the list using "page up" on your keyboard

If all of this was done correctly, you should be in the belly of the beast! Nice thing is, once you've entered all of these values, you can just press the up arrow on your keyboard to access them easily. It is a bit tedious, but I found that it's quite nice once you've finally got it working! I'd also like to note that this works on a whole slew of creatures. The mod developer made an extensive list.

Have fun! Don't forget to give some love to those developers, they're fantastic.

P.S I haven't tried this using the base devourment system. The dragons and other creatures might be able to devour you through it.

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