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Body issue with Custom Follower to Player Character


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Hey all, 

Having a difficult time figuring this out. I transitioned a custom follower to a player character (ECE). I brought the character over and saved her as a preset. Then I created a new game and imported the preset. All is well there. The body is CBBE and stays CBBE no matter what I do. I am new to using ECE and have been using RaceMenu my entire Skyim time. I also use Mod Organizer. 

I'm ok with being stuck with CBBE but I would like to be able to change it up now and again with SeveNBase. This is my first non-Ningheim character (changing bodies was easy with that race due to the race installation + Mod Organizer.


I have the main 7B files installed and activiated. Just unsure why it doesn't reflect with this character. I'm thinking that when ECE saves a preset, it must save the body as well (just guessing). Even when CBBE files are not installed, the character still has the CBBE body. I know with RM you can save just the face and use that on a different body as long as it is the same race. With my Ningheim, I alternate between the two body types and I have reloaded the face presets on each body type never had an issue with it forcing one body type over another. Again, this very well could be on how the Ningheim installation package works.


Interested in thoughts on this. 

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