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"https" connection cause more traffic?


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In dictator's country loverslab is blocked.. T0T

So we connect loverslab vpn or https connect. https connect is more fast but keeping https connect is bother work. :D

I think and hope to make "https" button(in download or seeing posts) than more good to see all posts.

Its hard work to admin but we need. :) It cause more traffic to server?

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I heard https - (s) means secured. thats why you see a lock or something in the address bar

say if a website is not https, never use your credit card to purchase something there or you risk getting hacked


not sure how its "faster" though, not technical person

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HTTPS is the secured version of HTTP using a SSL connection. (HTTPS = HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure)

It will NOT make a connection faster or more stable. Will just provide some encryption through the endopoints to make more difficult to catch the data that is exchanged.


It will not increase too much the amount of data transferred (just the certificate and a very little overhead in each communication) but I do not see any benefit to enable it on LoversLab.


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