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Falskaar "Dreams in Oblivion" quest duration bug


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It's basically 2 in-game years (almost a day i guess in real life), when i started the Falskaar Quest "Dreams in Oblivion" in which i supposed to "Wait" for that Altmer to finish studying the journal of that mage that got the gems, but I've waited for almost 2 in-game years / 6-8 hours in realtime with tfc on of course to make the quest set to it's next objective.


But that never happened, even if i left my character in idle state for hours, not even a courier wouldn't come up to it and gave a letter regarding an audience request whatsoever.


I cant find the QuestID for it so i dwelled into the Modpage and posted a bug report about it. almost a months past and NO reply not even a check from the Author nor anyone that might got the same problem i have right now.


Aside from googling around and manually obtaining the ID, i don't know what to do. I'm at my wit's end with it and gave up.


Is there anyone out there that has a bug like this with Falskaar?

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