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Creation Kit - Question


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Hello :)


I tried today my skills with the Creation Kit and discovered a limit of it or just a mistake from me.

Maybe you know the mod PuppetmasterSwallow in this mod you have the item "Excrement" and it should be RND-Food.

( Disgusting i know but i hate it when things dont work ;). )


-So, i load PuppetmasterSwallow, RND and their masters. ( Set PuppetmasterSwallow as active file )

-Search the Item "Excrement" and add the keywords from RND to it as it should be i think.

-Save the file and launch the game, nothing changed.

-Load the mods again with Creation Kit and search the Item "Excrement" again and it just created a duplicate of my change and that changes ofc absolutely nothing :D


So what is the problem here ?



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Creation Kit automatically removes all .esp files from mod master list each time you save that file.

Not sure about RND but my bet is its an .esp file.


To add keyword from RND this mod has to be added to master list. If Creation Kit would remove it - it wont work.


So to make a mod that has another .esp as master you need to wither "esemify" RND or add it to master list manually - i use Wrye for this.

Unfortunately you would need to keep adding it over and over again because each time you save CK would remove it again.

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