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Havok + 3DSMax + hkx export = web of vertices


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Sooo... I hear this kind of problem with anymations appear to be "sort of comon".  I've been trying to get into the animations for sexlab.
But before that I'm running into issues yet in the basics.

I can't get simple idle animations into the game. or at least not the way they're should be playing.

Tried importing skeleton_female.nif files into 3ds, animate. save/load xml to break animations into frames with the full timeline added in the xml features. Add dope sheets with start and end labels then at the npc_root bone but...

...When I save kf and export through hkxcmd.exe the animations reaches Skyrim without the whole animation set. as if only the first frame went through.

...when I export straight into *.hkx files through Havok plugin they reach the game looking basically like a cluster of body parts hidously pushed against each other. They keep moving non stop (so the animation went through) but the body looks like what was described above. Camera also gets pushed towards the pile of flesh. Kinda looks like the different bones' transforms were messed up, or like the hierarchy of bones broke and everything is coming out of the root node (but that's really just me speculating).

Using the txt rig optional file at the xp32 skeleton at Nexus kinda helped, there are more linked body parts and they're not all coming from the root. but the character's position is still a long way to go.

Can't use xp32's skeleton because that's for Max 2009, so it doesn't load. Using 3ds max 9, sorry if it seens I'm being demanding, I went through an extensive amount of tests with very little progress... Still I think it can be tweaked to work properly, but I need some light in here... Anyone? pls?

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