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[Req] Another TES4 request thread


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So I've been wondering why some really prominent armor mods from oblivion haven't been ported over to Skyrim e.g. mods from KURESE, Izumiko or alllll61.

Or is it that they don't want their mods ported over?


Additionally I've found some pretty awesome TES4 armors on my hard drive but don't know who has made them or if there is permission to port and would be happy if some one did port them to Skyrim though.










Thank you in advance !

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I have ported one armor from alllll61 but can only use it for myself, because i havent gotten permission to upload it + i have clipping issues, and i dont know how to fix it, i use only 3ds max so, i dont know how with that ^^


Edit: I have gotten it to work without clipping but still, cant upload it tho :(

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