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CBBE v3 with body slider v2 help please! body is stuck!


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ok im having a really weird issue here and i need your guys help


and before you guys say anything, yes i tried all possible method i could find on the net


see the issue that i have here is that my body will not stay the way i choose it to be, it keeps returning to its default setting

even after i hold ctrl when i click build and replace the original files femalebody_0.nif and femalebody_1nif in data/meshes/actors/character/characterassets

or even after i just click the build button

or even after i hold alt so the original files disappear and i replace it with the custom files from the body builder


what is the weird thing going on is, you guys can see it in this link

that is her default breast size that i do not want




but whenever i pause or go to inventory it ALWAYS automatically becomes bigger as i set it in bodyslider and immediately return to default size after i unpause or exit inventory management




it's not really a big issue atm but i just can't figure this out and i tried reinstalling and it does not work still


i even made a new character, nope...still the same

help! D:


also the body i am using is CBBE with TBBP physics


PS: also i can't seem to direct link the img so i can only give a link to a dropbox site containing the image, and the image size is about 5mb each i just don't have time atm to edit it to be smaller cause it's 5 am in the morning :C

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So for fixing when you build your body in bodyslide it is shown without any physics applyd so you have to either not use tbbp or just try around a bit with the sliders there are sliders for gravity and to set the breast up and down at the body there is even a tbb preset to make it more correct, but you will have to try around a bit since you only see the final result in game so if they are to low set them up higher in bodyslide in game they will sag down due tbbp and so on save your preset so you don't have to remember the slider settings obviously then just correct them.

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its the only thing I can imagine its literally impossible that files revert themself back obviously so.... think about it again the tbbp effect is not visible in bodyslide and therefore physics and the natural "sag" of the breast will only be visible in game


edit: I used Tbb body + cbbe preset and to place the breast on the normal position like without tbb I had to make the gravity slider to 0% and the lift breast slider to ~30% you see the breast is sagging down quite a lot with tbb or tbbp these values sure depend also on other slider settings, but should give you an idea what I'm meaning.

You can't tell me if you put all breast increasing sliders to 100% and click on build bodys that the breast in game is back to normal, also the breast on your screanshot is allready far bigger than the standart so the build body worked obviously the only thing is as I said the tbbp effect is not visible in bodyslide I also had to go in and out of the game a few times correct and rebuild the body to see how it changed ingame until it was like it should.

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