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Shin Megami Tensei-style spells?


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Dunno how hard it would be to do, but if even one person gets behind the idea, I'll pop open the Creation Kit and try to make a few MegaTen-themed spells, specifically stuff like:


Blood Wine(Exchanges HP for MP)

Mudo(Chance of instant death, darkness-based)

Hama(Chance of instant death, light-based)

Megido/Megidolaon(Heavy Almighty damage to all enemies)


Stuff like that. :)

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Well, seeing as someone posted, I've got a bit of a reason to get to work tomorrow morning/afternoon when I wake up. No idea how it's going to turn out, so don't expect miracles. :P


Edit: Really, I'm going to get to work on it tonight probably, since I can't actually play Skyrim right now until the load order stuff and Script Dragon gets sorted out.

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