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[Sims 4] Low-Cut Jeggings/Leggings


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Hello again,


I've just spent some time making these - they're a recolor of one of EA's leggings so I dunno if they will overwrite any other cc. They're in the leggings category, all are swatches in the same item slot and there are more colors than what is shown here. 




Textures based off of original work by klieklie and koodlebug at SR.


Please credit me if you use/mod/link this.


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Hey zz2tommy, love your mods. I just wanted to point something out in case you didn't notice it, on the shorts there is extra textures that might need to be removed. If you look at your sim from the front right near the crotch on each thigh it looks like it's being stretched to a point down the thigh a bit. It's easier to notice on thinner sims.


Either way, thanks again for your awesome outfits!

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Ditto to what Big To said; I really like this mod, but the shorts swatches have some texture glitches on both legs that ruin what is otherwise a fantastic mod. I'm really hopeful you can find the time to fix it and upload an updated version, zz2tommy, as it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)


Screenshot of the aforementioned glitch on the left leg (there is a similar glitch on the right leg as well):


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