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FONV Body/Head Mismatch

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Okay, so I know a lot of people have had similar issues, and I've googled like crazy.


I have textures properly installed, checked multiple times, and ArchiveInvalidated IS working (checked multiple times with that too).


I added the line to the .ini file that's supposed to fix this, and tried everything else I've seen as well and no dice.

I am using a combination of zzjay, real feel, and MD textures and T6M body meshes.


My face tone changes, but the body does not change.


I read something about it being related to a .egt file, and while I have one for my head mesh, I have none for my body and there's none in the T6M or even Type3 bodies as far as I've seen.


I have this problem with both default races and mojave delight races.


If anyone could help me out here, that would be fantastic!

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