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Load order?


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I have a series of mods that I would like to be compatible with each other and I'm having difficulty finding an order for which to install (overwrite files) for them all to work. this list includes Sexlab soulgem pregnancy (loverslab), succubus race(nexus), and remodeled cbbe armour  for bodyslide,,, (nexus). I should also have who ever decides to try to help know that I do have xp32 skele, calientes "curvey" body, hdt physics, realistic ragdolls, and other required mods. I do have a few others that are stand alone such as cloaks, bandoliers, picklock, instant mining, etc that I have since figured that are not an issue with install order...


please help, and much thanks



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Install order should go something like:

  • realistic force
  • FNIS (Always run after adding any new animations)
  • race compatibility
  • custom race mod
  • body meshes (make sure to add any changed to race mod)
  • textures (make sure to add any changed to race mod)
  • extra files for body... (make sure to add any changed to race mod)
  • racemenu (If using the newest xpmse skele)
  • XPMSE Skeleton (make sure to add any changed to race mod) Make sure to remove any errant skeletons added by mods or just put this completely           last in your install order
  • HDT (doesn't matter where this goes as it doesn't overwrite anything else)
  • Sexlab
  • sexlab mods
  • and on down the list you go.


MO will help save your skyrim install from any catastrophic mod installations that would require you to do a new install. I highly suggest taking that little leap if you haven't. Overwrites are as simple as dragging and dropping a file over another one. No replaced files at all since it's all done virtually. Takes a tiny bit of time to research and learn but it's seriously worth it.


Run loot, it helps set up your initial install order, then you can fine tune it from there. 

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