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Issues with in-game objects loading


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So I've got a random few items (e.g. Dreamburrow's Skull Ribbons, chest piece from Rogue II for UNP, etc) that appear as either invisible (both in the crafting screen, and when equipping), or bright, shiny purple (I imagine this to be a texture issue?). These worked fine the last time I played (months and months ago, when using NMM - I'm now on a fresh reinstall and using MO). I'm not inclined to think this is an issue with MO, but I'm really stumped. I remember there being a "precache killer" script I used for character editing, because of the sheer number of added hair/eyebrow/etc files from mods, that the race menu would have to load. I'm wondering if this problem is of the same vein - a loading issue with too many items?


I found another thread suggesting changing the "bInvalidateOlderFiles=" setting in skyrim.ini, but I've also seen that this is now an irrelevant fix - anyone know about this? I also wonder if this is exactly what the checkbox means at the bottom of the Profiles window when making a new profile, and whether changing this value would confuse MO?


Anyway, anyone have any info on the option(s) above, and/or any other suggestions or knowledge about this issue?


EDIT: My skyrim.ini file (accessed through MO) shows bInvalidateOlderFiles=1, however directly below that, I have a line "SInvalidationFile=", which has no value provided. Should this have a file listed after it?

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