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Was there ever a solution for XPMS rigor mortis?


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Busy working on new mods.  Since it's been most of a year, thought I'd check up on some old gripes.


Skyrim makes bodies with more nodes weigh more.  Without another mod to fix things, any body with the XPMS (or whatever) skeleton can't even be moved.


Realistic Ragdolls and Force does fix this, but it cannot do anything about the other problem with skeletons that have too many nodes: The body's physical reactions change, and it's unrealistic and unsettling.  Instead of being limp like you'd expect, it reacts as though every muscle in the body is being tensed, so that arms and legs have a firm, rubbery quality that brings to mind a mannequin.


What I'm really hoping is that there has been (or can be) a tweak that effects an adjustment to how Skyrim gauges body weight.


Barring that, perhaps someone has put together a "gets the job done" skeleton with a minimal node count but still all of the nodes important to the likes of SoS, TBBP etc.  (No giant wings or other rare, over the top additions, for example.)


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About the skeleton with a minimal node count, you can always use the good ol' nifskope


I actually did some tests recently and it seems as though even a fairly minimal (though not vanilla) skeleton is still enough to cause the stiff, rubbery effect.  Oh well - it wasn't a very good prospect.


or maybe try editing the ragdoll data in CK? i don't know


That sounds promising.  If it's something that could in fact be corrected with the CK, I'd be more than willing to look into it.  Of course I don't know where to begin.  If however it's something that's controlled by mesh settings, animation behavior, or something even more involved than that, then I probably don't have a chance on my own.

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I just use that mod, it's as good a fix as any. Seems to leave behind an invisible phantom ragdoll sometimes, but that's minor enough.


The ragdoll mod doesn't correct the stiffness problem; all it does (after XPMS overrides its skeletons) is make it easier to force ragdolled bodies around, with spells or carrying or whatever.  Bodies still act like rubber mannequins, typically with their arms hugging their chest thanks to the relative inflexibility.

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Try to edit these properties (mass, linear damping, etc) in each body part node, I wonder how it will go


Heh.  I think it's worth a try.  I'll get to it during a free moment.  If it works, it'll be pretty clear that the skeletons should have been adjusted that way in the first place.

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