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Dynamic Music Mod (WIP/concept)


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I hope I'm placing this in the correct thread.


I've recently began working on my own music replacer for Skyrim. I've used a lot of the popular ones like Personalized Music and Epic Music Overhaul, and really liked them. Unfortunately PM had more options, but the author went MIA while leaving small bugs in the mod (mostly related to forgetting to set up proper conditions, which is why things like Windhelm music not playing happens). When I was fixing some of the bugs in my own copy of PM, I started getting ideas for how I could more dynamically change the music in Skyrim based on events in game, and finally decided to just try my hand at doing an entire music replacer mod of my own from scratch more suited to my tastes.


I am a musician, and consider the music in a game to be one of the most important "make or break" elements. The goal is to make Skyrim a more ever changing and immersive experience by fine tuning the role music plays in the game. This mod aims to use music to showcase game progression and to reflect the impact certain events have on the game world.


I'd like to know if anyone else would be interested in a mod like this. I am going to complete this mod for personal use either way, but if there are others who share an interest, I would be open to suggestion and input on features. I will most likely not be uploading this to the Nexus for personal reasons, so if there's people on LL who would like to see a more intricate music replacer mod, this is where I will be uploading it.

If you'd like to see this mod happen, and have any suggested features, I'd like to hear them!



Overall, it will be very similar to EMO and PM in the aspect that it will allow you to add your own custom music to the game. The main difference will be that this mod aims to dynamically change the feeling of Skyrim based on in game events. One example being the ability to set up City specific music for major holds that will change to a different set after the Civil War is completed. This will allow you set the scenery in your own game. Want oppressive sounding music to play in Windhelm/Solitude before and during the Civil War, but feel it will be out of place after you've already liberated that hold? That's what I aim to do. Dynamically changing music based on events in hopes to give you a more solid feeling of accomplishment while also allowing the world itself to feel as though it has been changed by in game events.

I have other features being implemented into this as well that I will list below.

Some of the features off the top of my head (some done, some WIP):


  • Dynamic city music based on Civil War progress.
  • Dragon combat music based on story progression. Allows you to enable a feeling of dread when fighting dragons early in the game, while signifying a feeling of dread from your enemies after becoming the ultimate dragonslaying badass.
  • Disabling of combat music inside certain areas. I'll likely make this optional or add an on/off feature. This will allow you to keep the flow more dramatic when going through areas like Draugr crypts. It's one of the main reasons I started building this mod, as I felt that it would be more immersive to build the tone with the explore music rather than having combat music firing off every other enemy.
  • Most of the locational features from PM, like player home specific music.


This is not going to be a small mod, and will take a while for me to finish a version that will be ready for release. I'd really like to hear any input. I know some people might think this would be redundant with other custom music mods that are available. If there is no interest, I'll keep it to myself. If there's people who like the idea, I'd love to hear input/suggestions.


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