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How to disable a racial spell for a particular NPC?


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Hi there! I've been tinkering with CK these days, and I've stumbled upon a little issue that I've managed to solve somehow, but not in the way I wanted, so I come here to ask for some little help.


So, to put it simply, I got a NPC whose race is chaurus. I wanna spawn it on early level areas, so I've tried to swap the chaurus poison for the frostbite poison effect so it's not too overpowered. I've managed to do this for the melee attacks, but so far I haven't been able to modify the spit "spell". I tried adding it to the NPC spell list, but it still uses the chaurus race default one.


Since that spell comes from the chaurus race itself, the only ways I've managed to do what I want would be either to erase the spell from the race itself, or to duplicate the chaurus race and swap the default spit for the spider one, but I would prefer not to touch the original chaurus race, nor use a custom race for the NPC, because I want to make it as inobtrusive as possible and also make it work with SexLab and Estrus Chaurus, for example.


Any ideas?

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