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Hi all,


Every once in a while I mod my skyrim to such an extend that I end up breaking the game which leaves me to uninstall all mods and start over. I decide to take things in another direction this time and ask you guys which mods you recommend to use when it comes to Body mods and Texture mods. The quests etc. are all secondary, My main concern is getting my character to look pretty  again.

So please let me know which mods you recommend and maybe give a little explanation on why you recommend it.

Thanks in advance!

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my personal opinions, you may take these into considerations.


1: CBBE! because...CURVY-NESS

2: SG Textures Renewl! because. Hellosanta is love and life

3: Racemenu! because..racemenu!

4: Enhanced Character Edit! no explanation!!!

5: Women of skyrim - normalmaps! Extra sexyness!!

6: KS Hairdos  Which are here  or SG Hair pack they both look equally gorgeous 

7:  Realvision ENB! barely any performance hit and makes everything pretty!

8: Femfeet redesigned! because...foot fetish is a thing!

9: SG Eyebrows! because..SG! i

10: Ethereal Elven overhaul! makes elves look pretty too!

11: Eyes of beauty! its...beautiful!

12: smile in HD! makes ur teeth 10/10 bangable!


These are my personal faves just because it basically makes them pretty in the way i like it and not others like, some may prefer unp, unpb, sevenbase whatever.




Battle hardened bodies! because your in skyrim not wonderland!

HDT Ponytail hair! LORA CROFT!

Mature skin texture! looks really good but i still prefer SG!


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  • Mod Organizer (Cuz, clean skyrim folder = no reinstalls, evar)
  • Racemenu = customization
  • xpmse = uber customization
  • kshairdos (and if you can find it, sg and satans)
  • UNPCM (Cuz I don't like big tittaes. I'm a girl, so I leave that up to the bf. I glance over and he's got enough for both of us on his screen!)
  • Fair skin complexion for unp
  • Asian face dolls head mesh
  • Fitness body (Cuz you get to make your own variation of muscles)
  • Tons and tons of tattoo overlays (though it seems my old computer fucking hates me when I add more than 2 now)
  • So many unp variant armor mods you'll puke (And even cbbe because outfit studio lets you reshape them)
  • Femfeet, and feminine hands (gotta complete the look
  • SweetFX (Because my computer is frackin' old)
  • Imaginator and it's separate mcm menu (Because my computer is frackin' old)
  • Dynavision (Because my computer is frackin' old)
  • HDTPE = jiggle/collisions because even girls like a little porn (And stiff characters just suck in this day and age)
  • FNIS = more animations
  • Nonvanilla animation replacers. 

Those npc overhauls that use apachii hair and facegen npc overhauls so the npc's don't look all vanilla while I'm running around.



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oooh usin apachii hair npc overhaul is asking for 3 hours of grayface bugs.


Superior Lore Friendly hair 2k/4k textures may hit a preformance hit in riften and solitude but only use if you don't experience issues with npc overhaul

but if you also want ur npcs to look prettay..

Bijin Warmaidans with Seductress Serana..........

really needs no explaination makes female follower npcs look badass in a sexy way.

Bettermales too.

YY animations give ur character a nice anime look with and well lets be honest here, them animations make yor character pretty kawai.


but i can vouch for the mods above i used unp once, but that was because CBBE was making me crash for some reason. never used 7b before but multiple occasions i was tempted.

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