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SOS+Phygons weird looking penis !


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Hello everyone if i can ask a Question regarding  a problem am having


What Could be the Cause of this ??






 the schlong is not flaccid(i just started a new game as u can see) but rather as if its broken midway  (like it was trying to go down but the end half wants be straight ) , Also it doesn't bend at all 


I should note that for a time it worked right but kept crashing so i had to uninstall everything and redo and that's when the problem appeared


am using PhygnosDefault Final Test - Updated for SOS-LL.7z   1.04MB 

hosted on  http://www.loverslab...cussion/page-10


My installing order was (i have done EVERY possible variation in this order and all yield either CTD or no change)

1- SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim - 2.05.034


3-XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS - XPMS 1-93a NMM-BAIN INSTALLER


What Could be the Cause of this ?? (i think i have tried everything!)






PS: if i shouldn't be using  PhygnosDefault Final Test - Updated for SOS-LL.7z , what should i be using instead?

PPS: i use LOOT for load order

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