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HM's Magical Wardorbe (Halted)

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You can get it also from Nexus.


The development of the mod has been halted. But still it has some simple but very useful functionality.

In game world and inventory it has the following functions:

  1. U Undress
  2. R Redress initial clothes on-top of what you are wearing. If you want initial clothes only, then undress before redressing.
  3. I Disarm
  4. P Rearm
  5. E This is only available when opening a container through your inventory. It allows you to have a preview of the armour/weapon before you drop it in your bag. As soon as you leave the container opened through your inventory, it goes back to the initial armour you had on.

Hotkeys can be changed through the ini file (Data\ini\HMMagicalWardrobe.ini).


It stores last equipment you had when you left the inventory or when loading the game.


I had planned to develop this a lot more at the start of the year but stuff happened. As I no longer play Oblivion, I thought I would release it to the public and maybe someone can pickup the mantel or it can be used as it is now.


More information on what I had planned to do can be found in the "HMMagicalWardrobe Readme.txt"


You need latest OBSE

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