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Asking for a help in converting


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Hello there!


i do understand that there are lots of threads like this, but i'm new to skyrim (yeah never played it before) and in modding. The point is that i have 2 armors i want to convert to another body type. I've tried that wiki tutorial but failed, spent like 3 days but didnt get the chance of blender working. TBH i'm completely not good in this type of things. So i cannot ask somebody to convert the armors, thats why i'm asking for a help and explanation how to do it. 


All i want is to convert this 2 armors to UNP Top model body.


Thanks to everyone.

服装:kyna armor.rar

UNP Topmodel TBBP-41051-3-1.7z

Lady Templar-40626-1-0.rar

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