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Sexlab Mods - Need Some Help Please

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Hi everyone,


I am looking for some help with regards to some sexlab mods.


I have read numerous other threads and tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still get the same problem.


My problem: Some animations do not play (mainly human/human animations as I notice creature animations run fine)


I have installed SKSE, SkyUI, FNIS and all other requirements using Nexus MM and other mods (non-adult) that use the same requirements run fine.


However, I do notice that when I update FNISforusers I get a warning and when I run the consistence check, it displays about 550 animation files that are missing. I am not sure where to get these animation files as this is even the problem when I only have sexlab 1.59 framework installed and no other sexlab mods installed. Is this because I installed everything with Nexus MM?


In terms of load order, Sexlab 1.59 framework is way above the sexlab mods (i.e defeat etc), I'm using numerous other mods that are non-adult.


In terms of Papyrus, well I have no idea what that is (I mean I have heard of it but... you know what I mean.)


Any help would be appreciated as I admit I am a total noob with this technology stuff, despite having done a little programming at uni which was not even in a language useful to anything.


Thanks in advance,


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