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There was a particular set of male clothing that I simply loved, but couldn't get on a female character (pictures of before/after here). So I downloaded this and that and the other and figured out how to use Caliente's BodySlide / Outfit Studio. I feel like doing a few more maybe, so throw some ideas at me. Male clothes for females, and/or female clothes for males. This is only really for UNP/B, CBBE, and the Schlongs of Skyrim body. I don't know how to weightmap clothes or make them affected by sliders, but I can make the model. 

Things to say if you make a request:

Exactly what clothing/armor you want.

What gender to make it from / for.

Should it to look more butch / femme? Or just X clothing over a Y body? - Should it have breasts? Or do you just like the other gender's model style better?

When I get around to starting some, expect it to take a day or two. I'm still working out how to use this stuff, but I will try my best.

Happy Holidays <3

( Also, this is my first post. Derp. )

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